International business development through building relationships, reputation and influence

Our client, a global analytical technology company, wanted to build market and brand influence fully aligned with business goals:

  • being viewed as a leader in their field
  • being trusted to partner with governments and other key stakeholders in domains including food safety, biopharmaceuticals, natural products and health sciences
  • being a bridge between the private and public sectors to advance public health outcomes.

In this context, our approach was to build trusted and strategic relationships within key sectors, with the goal of advancing health, trade and business outcomes. Initiatives implemented include convening high-level public-private dialogues in Asia and South Africa; partnering with the World Bank and other international stakeholders; and supporting food safety capacity building in countries such as China, in partnership with the Global Food Safety Partnership.

Our client’s efforts have yielded the results they reached for. With our assistance, their reputation as a trusted partner with governments, academia and regional forums such as APEC has grown in the field of food safety and biopharmaceuticals. Their business networks have expanded, and they enjoy elevated standing in the eyes of government.

Supporting a unique global public-private partnership

The Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP) is a unique global public-private partnership facilitated by the World Bank. The GFSP needed expert support to build stakeholder and partner networks, and create organisational approaches for good governance and operations. It had particular requirements in stakeholder engagement, food safety capacity building, international food regulatory systems and fostering good governance.

We have worked with this partnership over the past four years, providing expert counsel and delivering services as required. These services included:

  • stakeholder engagement and ongoing stakeholder relations
  • facilitating dialogue between stakeholders from different sectors with broad-ranging views
  • messaging strategy
  • advising on and managing a range of capacity building projects
  • representing GFSP at various international meeting and forums.

Our role evolved as our client’s needs changed. At times, we were an advisor to the team; at other times, we stepped forward upon request to lead elements of the initiative.

The results of this include:

  • engagement across governments and the private sector
  • food safety initiatives advanced in countries such as Indonesia, China and India to assess and address food safety capacity building needs
  • a strategic work plan being developed
  • creation of capacity building modules
  • funding mechanisms in place.

The achievement we are most proud of is assisting in building bridges between organisations with diverse interests and agendas, to advance a common, global agenda.

Developing a program to alleviate poverty through improved sanitation

The World Bank Group has two ambitious goals: to end extreme poverty within a generation, and to boost shared prosperity. To achieve these goals, the World Bank Group’s efforts include initiatives to tackle the challenges associated with access to clean water and sanitation.

Collaborate Consulting, working in partnership with Advocom Group, supported the World Bank in developing a program to improve global sanitation. The plan was designed to reach key audiences, including influencers of public policy, media, multi-national organisations, and private-sector and government leaders. Collaborate’s role was to develop a global public-private stakeholder and partnership engagement for the initiative.

On behalf of The World Bank, Advocom Group in partnership with Collaborate planned and executed the launch of the World Bank Group’s sanitation-focused initiative during the bank’s 2014 spring meetings in Washington.

“Collaborate are exceptional consultants, advisors and communicators.  They have helped our organisation develop international networks that have fostered international networks leading to the development of the Global Food Safety Partnership. They are well-respected, discrete and always reliable.”

Brian Bedard

Executive Director, GMA Science and Education Foundation.

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